Custom Built

Custom Built

No two prosthetics are exactly the same, your needs are our priority.

25 Years

25+ Years Experience

We're industry leaders at the cutting edge with decades of experience.

High Quality Care

High Quality Care

We genuinely care about each other and our client's well being.


25+ Years Experience

Dedicated Professionals

Our team consists of industry leaders capable of adapting current technologies to match your daily needs. We can say this with confidence after multiple decades of dedication to the mastery of the craft and by keeping a pulse on the advancement of technology in our industry.

Meet our two certified prosthetists - Louis and Deanna.


Where Art And Science Meet

The journey from first consultation to a fully functional prosthesis is a complex process with a number of moving parts and requires a very niche skillset. Our highly trained team works together behind the scenes using both science and artistry to translate your needs into a functioning limb. Here is just a glimpse into what some of that looks like.

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There Is No "One-Size-Fits-All" Solution

In our first consultation with a client we start by getting to know you and what you do. This way we can build and source the attachments for the prosthesis necessary to get you back to being who you are.


What our fantastic clients have said about our prosthetics services

The admiration we receive from our clients drives us to do the best work we can at every opportunity we're given.


With three locations throughout the valley, we're there for you, wherever is most convenient